Clear Cut = Full Steam Ahead

I am so glad I went to the Brockport meeting last night.  I could hardly believe my ears when The NYPA (Canal Corp) informed everyone that they were carrying on with their work almost immediately.

People in the audience asked how they could do that. Surely there was a court order pending, halting the vegetation removal proceedings?

Apparently, the court order proceedings raised by Mike Barker of Perinton, Bill Smith of Pittsford and William Moehle of Brighton, only covers those villages.

Brockport, Holley and Spencerport were not mentioned, so are free to continue, their only obstacle is the weather.

So, the most dangerous part of the canal, the Fairport and Bushnells Basin embankment, the place with the steepest slopes,  the deepest drop, and the largest population at risk, is on hold, due to this court order.

This is the same section of the canal where the Rizzo Engineering reports are blocked from being available through the FOIL act. They decided not to make it public in the interests of things like national security.

If things weren’t bad enough, we now have to be concerned that after 31st March all tree felling must cease until October, because the Long Eared Bat nesting habits in hollow trees.  Sadly, human homeowners don’t seem to matter as much as wildlife.

If any bats are observed flying from a tree, or on a tree that has been cut, tree management activities in the area should be suspended and DEC Wildlife staff notified as soon as possible. A permit may be required to continue work, or you may have to wait until November 1 to resume activities.



Please support vegetation removal here



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