The NYPA and the Canal explained.

I’ve made this amateur video to help explain the pro’s and cons of the projects the NYPA has undertaken to make the canal safer.

Click here to open the video!

If you happen to have property backing up to the canal embankment,  or live on the downstream (low side) side of the canal embankment, (ie, Crystal Springs/Marsh Rd) please get in touch with me as I will shortly have some important information to share with you.



One thought on “The NYPA and the Canal explained.

  1. Mike,

    Great presentation of material related to this Vegetation/Embankment Remediation project. Should be mandatory reading for all Homeowners who live adjacent to the Erie Canal Trailway Embankment or anyone living below these outboard Embankment Dams. Some of these may be miles long so hopefully people will still recognize them in their current state of overgrowth.

    In the end the question everyone needs to answer themselves…Do you believe the NYCC when they say these are Embankment Dams, and do you believe them when they say an Engineering Study has shown they are unsafe and need to be repaired. Some believe the message and want it made safe, some refuse to believe any of the message and still hold fast to a thought of the Erie Canal as a gentle natural waterway.

    It’s always been a series of interconnected Embankment Dams crossing though the entire state…just hiding for 80 years

    Thanks for your perseverance in getting the real facts out,


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