It’s Official – Canal Embankment at Fairport classified VERY POOR – HIGH HAZARD!

Petitioners Reply Memo

This document from The towns of Pittsford, Brighton and Perinton’s lawyer Robert Koegel, describes engineer’s reports. These are the reports I have been requesting via FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) for weeks, and have been fobbed off with feeble excuses.

See page 7 — Paul C. Rizzo Engineering New York, PLLC (“Rizzo”), completed of one of the designated clear-cutting sites within the Town of Perinton. The inspection revealed “Wet areas,” “Cattails,” “A minor inboard slope failure,” “Toe embankment not visible,” and an “Existing seep/leak.” see Rizzo maps A057 and A058.

On page 8 it states –
Rizzo prepared its letter report based on one report on an inspection that was done on one site in the Town of Perinton on August 30, 2017…… H. The Rizzo letter report gave the embankment at this location a NYSDOT condition rating of “2.” (They are referring to Rizzo maps A057 and A058)
A condition rating of 2 is “Very Poor,’ as opposed to a condition rating of “1,” “Serious/Emergency.” The Rizzo letter report also assigned this section of the canal a DEC hazard classification rating of “Apparent Class C.” …….. DEC hazard classification of Class C as “High Hazard.” The Rizzo report also recommended that this section of the embankment be given a FEMA risk category of “III,” which indicates “Moderate Urgency.”
Rizzo Engineering recommends that immediate action be undertaken at the embankments with a condition rating of either a 1 or 2.


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